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An App To Feed The Hungry


No one should go to bed hungry and helpless. That is why we created this B40 app to be a one-stop platform for the B40 group to receive help from donors, which distribution is facilitated by administrators to ensure transparency and fairness.

Users and Goals

Use cases and stakeholders

B40 Group


Merchants and Food Banks


Market Opportunity

Malaysian government allocation for the B40 and M40 groups via the National People's Well-Being and Economic Recovery Package (PEMULIH)
RM 0 Billion
Malaysian households below the poverty line nationwide to receive surplus food targeted by Food Bank Malaysia Programme (FBMP)
0 Units
Malaysian B40 and M40 households, senior citizens and singles who can benefit from the food and monetary funds distributed via this app
0 Million
Food fed to 25,000 B40 persons by Sunway Group, deemed the largest food bank drive by a Malaysian conglomerate in 2020.
0 kg
Hungry individuals worldwide who could easily survive on food wasted by more privileged groups according to World Health Organisation (WHO)
0 Million
Edible food thrown daily worldwide that can benefit up to 2 million people if optimally distributed, with waste from households superseding restaurants
0 tonnes

App Features

  • B40 Individuals
  • Donors
  • Merchants
  • Administrators

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B40 Individuals


QR Scanning

User’s Status

Google Maps

B40 Demo App for


e-KYC and ACDD

B40 Demo App for

Merchants or Food Banks

Sales and Inventory Management

B40 Demo App for


User Management

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