Applicants Identification and Verification

What is AIV?

Applicants Identification and Verification (AIV) uses computer vision and deep learning technologies to onboard customers or applicants, without face-to-face interactions via mobile app. It is part of an e-KYC process, which can be further supported by our Automated Customer Due Diligence (ACDD).

AIV Process for applicants

Security made simple


Step 1

The applicant manually enters personal details on the app or web integrated with our AIV.

Step 2

The applicant takes a picture of his or her personal ID, which can be an NRIC or passport.

On our end

Our AIV uses the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract the ID’s details for comparison with the applicant’s manually entered details.

Our AIV back end also uses OCR technology to verify the genuineness of the ID by checking whether it has the expected landmarks of a genuine ID.

Step 3

As a final step, applicant takes a selfie video before completing the AIV process.

On our end

Our AIV back end performs a liveness detection test to verify that a real person is taking a video.

The back end also compares the applicant’s face image on the captured ID with selfie video to detect the degree of resemblance.

ID Photo Verification
How-to Guide

  • IC
  • Passport

Selfie Verification
How-to Guide

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Ironclad cross-checking ways to authenticate identity and personal ID with applicant’s manual entry of data, image of personal ID and selfie video
Number of Malaysians we can onboard for our inclusion of ICAO Passport, MyKad, MyPR, MyKAS, and MyTentera
0 Million
Number of times our selected Convoluted Neural Network (CNN) model has been trained to produce for our AIV's accurate face features vector
0 Million
Number of facial markers used to capture both the face image on a personal ID and live image in a selfie video
Total number of landmarks tracked on NRIC (10 landmarks) and Passport (7 landmarks) to ensure that the personal ID is genuine
Percentage of our true match rate as required by Bank Negara Malaysia
Above 0 %
Number of report types that can be generated including OCR, landmark, video and e-KYC identification and verification in PDF or Excel format

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