Prepaid Card E-wallet

A Proven CardWorks System For Your Customers

Why build a Co-brand Prepaid Card E-wallet?

How is a Prepaid Card E-wallet superior to a normal E-wallet?

Virtual Cards

After sign up, your customers will be granted with a virtual prepaid Visa or Mastercard.

Merged Control

On the app, they can apply for a physical card and set their card pin. They can also track the expenses of both their virtual and physical cards.

Convenient Security

On the app, your customers can easily freeze, report and request for a replacement physical prepaid card.

International Access

With a physical card, they can withdraw cash from Visa or Mastercard ATMs worldwide.

Easy Payroll

Your corporate customers can also perform their payroll especially for foreign workers with no local bank accounts.

Blue Ocean Market

Basically, any business reaching out to consumers can be your potential customer.

API Available for You to Build

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